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Delicatessen 1: Kansai cuisine, “Yakiniku”

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Unlike other parts of the world, in Japan the more fat you have the more delicious is the meat.
At “Yakiniku” you will find a hole in the center of the table where you can roast the meat with gaz fire.
Meat taste really good and the pieces are very small, you do not need more than 3 minutes to have ready to eat your piece.
Generally come from Autralia or USA.

roasting meat in the hole of the table

roasting meat in the hole of the table 2

dish full of meat ready to be roast!

Meat and some vegetables

cow meat

cow meat mix with fat


more meat

Spicy Kimuchi from Korea

Fat with some meat

sometimes you can try raw meat like sashimi

"Itadakimasu" you say before start to eat

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